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Refrigerated Trailers

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Adding a Refrigerated Van or Trailer? Here's what you need to know

When you add a refrigerated trailer or truck to your fleet, you can count on a reduction in your own costs or the ability to increase revenues made from hauling for others. A reefer trailer or truck can increase your versatility and allow you to handle more diverse loads, but it will require some changes to your existing maintenance schedules and insurance policies. Knowing what to expect when you buy your reefer truck or trailer helps you fully prepare and make the most of this new purchase.

What's Different in a Reefer Trailer?

The main difference is that you'll be hauling and responsible for perishable cargo – from produce and completed perishable foods to medication and even computer components. Whether you are investing in a truck to haul your own products or hauling for others, you need to keep the components that keep things cool in excellent working condition.

You may also need to learn some new technology – the tech that keeps the cold stuff cold may also be able to send real time updates about cargo, temperature, delivery time, location and more. While these components are easy to use and benefit both you and your drivers, they may differ from the onboard tech you are accustomed to.

Unattended vehicles may need more attention than those that lack refrigeration; they may be more attractive to thieves because of the cargo onboard.  Simply ensuring that your drivers take extra precautions when out of the vehicle or during breaks and being aware of the risk is often enough to protect both vehicle and cargo.

Consider some additional insurance. The same liability insurance that protects your other commercial vehicles is also needed for your new refrigerated trailer or truck. Increasing your physical damage and rental coverage can help you prevent higher than expected costs in the event of an accident. Refrigerated trucks are more expensive to rent than their traditional counterparts.

A refrigerated truck or trailer can significantly improve your bottom line and allow you to offer a wider array of services to customers. Being aware of some of the additional protections and considerations required ensures you know what to expect and are fully prepared to protect this valuable investment. Learn more about refrigerated trailers and see our lineup of reliable and secure vehicles by visiting our site and chatting with one of our knowledgeable team members.



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