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What Has and Will Change the Trucking Industry?

Technology is Changing the World and the Trucks that Keep it Moving

We are all affected by the evolution of advanced technology. Three innovations have revolutionized the trucking industry as reported on These three are pegged to continue to bring changes.

Electric and Driverless Trucks

We see how electric cars are infiltrating the car industry. You will see the charging stations now placed in cities at shopping centers, resorts, and many other places of work. Three companies are forging ahead with electric semi-trucks as found on FOX Business. It looks like 2020 is the big year!

  • Many people are familiar with Tesla's "super-fast Roadster." Maybe he intends on using these in his underground rail system that is making recent news. Production is reportedly going full speed ahead in 2020.
  • Nikola is up against Tesla as you will read, and this company's Anheuser-Busch semi-truck is set to hit the roads in 2020.
  • Daimler has added its name to the future of electric semi-trucks with plans "to begin production in 2021."

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

The ELD is technology that was invented to make a trucker's life easier from the cumbersome paper logs. Combined with the mandatory Hours of Service, ELDs are not being well-received. When you listen to a trucker's point of view found on Smart Trucking, you will understand why some truckers are taking a stand to ask for changes with common sense behind their requests. If safety is important, everyone must work towards keeping our roads and highways safe. The safety of truck drivers is also of vital importance. 

Telematics and GPS Tracking Systems

Telematics is proving to be a ground-breaking innovation to running trucking businesses with greater efficiency. GPS tracking systems are also helping big fleets monitor their investments and deter off-duty use of equipment.

In addition to the telematics and GPS tracking systems, truck drivers have innovative, technological tools available to them. Along with mobile, software applications, there are recommended devices for today's commercial truck drivers. Found on HaulHound, Garmin and Rand McNally are recognized for their GPS devices.

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