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Stay In-the-Know on Trucking Regulations and More

Making Your Search Easier

At 50,000, we are using today's technology to make searching for your first or next semi-truck and/or trailer easier with our fabulous inventory of equipment that takes your search across the United States. We understand how busy life can be to keep your business moving. To keep your business moving in the right direction, you must stay compliant with the regulations that govern the industry.

The Regulations to Keep on the Dash

Found on Fleet Trailer Company from 2017, these three regulations have affected, will continue to affect, or will be affecting the trucking industry. Just as the write-up mentions, there are always regulations being formed that will continue to change the trucking industry

  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) - Know if you should be using one, or if you are exempt until later in 2019. We are in Phase 2 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration timeline for ELD implementation
  • Greenhouse Gas Standards - Going green is making changes to many industries. The EPAs "Cleaner Truck Initiative" will be affecting the manufacturing of semi-trucks starting in 2021. As noted, prices of semis may rise to make these green changes, but "the EPA claims that the fuel savings within two years will cover the additional expenses."
  • Driver Training Time Increase - The FMCSA is asking that there be an increase to new driver training. Per, this new rule is not going to go into effect until "Feb. 7, 2020."

Get and Stay In-the-Know

If you are new to trucking, or you are contemplating entering the trucking industry, it is a good idea to bookmark important sites, where you can make sure you're in compliance.

Where You Can Find the Equipment You Need

At 50,000, we have built a vast inventory of semi-trucks, trailers, vocational trucks and more. Once you locate the equipment you want, the contact information is right there. Whenever you have a question, or you need help, do not hesitate to contact the team building a country-wide inventory. We are here to make it easy for you. 



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