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Truck Drivers Are in Demand - Time to Start a Trucking Career

The Trucking Industry is Moving Strong

It is obvious when you travel the highways that big rigs are moving products across America. As you will read on Small Business Trends, the owner-operators or smaller trucking companies are playing a big part in the trucking industry. Of the approximately "3.5 million truck drivers" working in our country, "1 in 9 is a small business owner aka owner-operator." 

The Time to Get into Trucking is Now

Have you been keeping up with the trucking industry and contemplating joining the trucking industry as a driver? If you are not sure how you want to enter, take some time to learn from the veterans with years on the road. Do you want to be part of a trucking company that supplies you with everything? Or, do you want to be your own boss and build a small company? These two questions are important to answer. Smart Truckinggives you a lot of information to consider to help you make the right decision. 

It's a great time for two people to make a business venture over-the-road in the trucking industry. There is nothing wrong with the buddy system to begin a small business and exciting career in trucking. Share the expense, share the driving, and share the possibilities trucking can offer. 

Making It Better for the Trucking Industry, Especially Our Truck Drivers

The National Truckers Association (NTA) is there for small, independent truck owners. Every state has their trucking association to help everyone in the trucking industry as found on

No matter which route you want to take, the trucking industry is working hard to attract drivers. A wonderful benefit to truckers is the creation and continued addition of UrgentCare Travel Medical Clinics for Truck Drivers. Not to mention the many companies that offer their customers the best in trucking maintenance and repair. Many trucking repair businesses are part of the NAPA Truck Service Center network, and there are "over 900 locations" across the country to keep your truck working and on the move. 

50,000 Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks for Sale Across the United States

Our service at 50,000 brings an extensive inventory of used semi-trucks, trailers, box vans, vocational trucks and more from across the country to you. When you find the equipment you need, you have the direct contact information needed to complete your search. When you need our help or have any questions, we are here to help. It is a great time to enter the trucking industry. 

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