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International Trucks: 100+ Years and Trucking Strong

The Powerful History of International Trucks

Owned by Navistar and dating back to 1902, International Trucks is a major manufacturer of different types of trucks that continue to move America. From medium-heavy trucks to heavy-duty trucks and severe-service trucks, International Trucks is committed to Uptime with its "DriverFirst® Philosophy." To help their customers get their jobs done, International Trucks focuses on what the jobs demand and what the drivers need.

The Technology of Navistar's International Trucks

The dedicated team at International Trucks continues to transform its trucks with the latest technological advances to give customers more efficient ways to move their businesses. Navistar's partnership with TRATON, AG now "opens the door to a lot of global technology" that is in the works at TRATON.

Uptime - Keeping Trucks on the Move

Advanced truck technology, as found on, is what Navistar intends to harness to keep their customers' trucks moving across America all the time. "Next-generation powertrains and automated truck technologies" are what the Navistar International Corporation is focusing their attention to improve their customers' uptime. 

Safety - Attention on Collision Mitigation

Keeping our truck drivers and others safe along the roads is a continuous focus. Keeping these big semis in their lanes to avoid collisions is in research and development. In addition to the "lane-keeping" beeper feature, an "active steering" system is in the works. To prevent drivers from dosing off and their big rigs from crossing lanes, a beeper will alert the driver, and the active steering solution will steer the truck back into its proper lane. 

Batteries - A Solution to Replace Clean Fuel

Staying focused on using diesel, Navistar is working towards the use of batteries as the answer to clean energy. Reportedly, "the cost and the weight of batteries" are the two big issues that are holding this innovation back for now. A third factor to address is the availability of charging stations that can offer "high-voltage chargers" that can get the big trucks quickly charged up. The future should continue to bring the cost down and make the changes the infrastructure need to make batteries a clean energy alternative for the trucking industry.

Electronics - Using Electric Trucks for Repetitive Routes of Transportation

In the works, the use of electric trucks to move the shipping containers from the ports to warehouses is not too far off in the future.

Autonomous Trucks - Not Exactly Foolproof

Safety remains an important factor that leaves autonomous trucks in the future for now. A stopping solution during electronic failures has to be determined first. The future of autonomous trucks may offer a solution to recent issues with hours of service.

Find International Trucks to Get the Job Done at 50,000

50,000 uses today's technology to take you across the country to find the equipment you need to get your job done. International Trucks has been making quality trucks for decades. If you are in the market for a truck you can depend upon, check out our site for a variety of International Trucks with years left to work hard for your business. 

Once you find what you need, click on the orange, map square, and you will find the location and the contact information to find out everything you need to know about that truck. If you need help navigating around our site, we are always happy to help. We want you to enjoy the search.

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