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Mack Trucks

Built Tough for Durable Reliability

With a history that spans over a century-long as found on AKMI Corporation, you remember where the term, "Built like a Mack Truck" originated. The first Mack hit the road in "1907," and it was during WWII that these quality-built trucks earned their nickname, "Mack Bulldogs," after the English soldiers' compared them to a favorite canine lineage, their British Bulldogs.

The revolutionary, five-speed transmission of the 60s created "an industry-changing event with the Maxidyne high torque rise engine." These trucks were built to last.

The Unique History, Design and Future of the Mack Bulldogs

Everyone in the trucking industry knows the pug nose feature of the Mack trucks. A solution to easier maneuverability in metropolitan areas.  

A Solid and Strong History

The history of the Mack Bulldogs is one that continues to evolve. As found on Wikipedia, as of "1979," Renault begins to purchase interest in Mack Trucks, and by "1990," Renault is the parent company. As of "2001," Mack and Renault begin a partnership with Volvo. For anyone looking to learn more about the Mack Bulldogs, Bulldog Magazine is the resource Mack began in "1920" highlighting the "developments in technology and equipment benefiting truck fleets." 

In Celebration of the Bulldogs 

If you're a trucking enthusiast like us at 50,000, you will love seeing some of the old Bulldogs. Thanks to Smart Trucking, put your gear in park, and enjoy some of the Mack Bulldogs that have traveled across the roads and highways. Better yet, enjoy a YouTube video celebrating these trucks known "to get the job done."

The Company Today

After more than a century of exciting changes and developments, HDT Trucking Infohighlights what Mack's new top dog, Mark Weissburg, shared about the company in August of 2018. The Mack Anthem, with its "70-inch sleeper," has brought new success to the company, and it is now making its presence known along the highways. Increased production at the Lehigh Valley Operations has also realized an increase in its staffing to support its "all-time high." Like all trucking manufacturers, Mack is facing the rising costs of materials, labor, and logistics. 

With a focus on "new investments, primarily geared toward maintenance," they are working towards "Uptime Center and over-the-air engine updates." 

Another area of future investment is "electrification." Look out for the "Mack LR refuse truck" that is planned to roll out in New York City's Department of Sanitation. As Weissburg said, "we can envision a fully electric site in the future."

Learn more about the Mack models like Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite, and others that are running along the highways today.

The Mack Bulldogs Waiting to be Unleashed at 50,000

At 50,000, we make it easy for you to see what great trucks are available from around the country. We have a robust listing of Mack trucks including some of the latest models to hit the roads in the last ten years, including 2020 models. 

Our site makes it simple to find the right Bulldog to unleash to get your jobs done. If you find you need help with our site in any way, we're here to make sure you find one of these tough trucks that will work long and strong for you.

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