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Dealer Testimonials

"We at Jasper Truck Sales are always looking for ways to sell more Trucks period!"  sources and said they feel that "the Internet brings our best results.  50000trucks.com is one of those Internet sites that sells trucks.  We are happy with our results and will continue to advertise with them as long as they keep selling trucks." And that is all we ask and expect from our customers.
-Jasper Truck Sales


First month of advertising with 50000trucks.com we sold two trucks and have received many other good leads.
-Justin Sparpana, Grand Rapids Truck Center


I decided to advertise with 50000trucks.com after seeing their unit click log going up every month. It was impressive to see how their traffic kept rising and rising month after month. I tried one of their higher level packages that came with an 800 number for tracking and it’s amazing to see how many calls we receive every month. I have attached last month’s total unit clicks which are specification sheets that are clicked on and viewed. As you can see we had almost 10,000 specification sheets clicked on and viewed! They also provide my most popular units, make and type which enables me to see what the market is doing.

Fyda Freightliner Pittsburgh, Inc. Cannonsburg, PA 4298 unit clicks
Fyda Freightliner Youngstown, Inc. Youngstown, OH 2139 unit clicks
Fyda Freightliner Cincinnati, Inc. Cincinnati, OH 1954 unit clicks
Fyda Freightliner Columbus, Inc. Columbus, OH 1445 unit clicks

-Tony Apollonio, Fyda Freightliner


I have been advertising with www.50000trucks.com for over a year and they consistently deliver 40-60 calls per month. I am impressed that the majority of calls come from my AOR and are good quality. When I first started advertising with them we did three feature spots and then we upgraded to a Volvo super banner and then a few months later upgraded to a Mack Super Banner. If you are interested in selling more trucks please call us, we have cost effective programs that deliver results!
-Jornan Tenney, Nuss Truck & Equipment


I am very satisfied with advertising with www.50000Trucks.com and typically receive 40-60 calls per month. The quality of calls that www.50000Trucks.com brings is great! I receive good calls on late model inventory which is very hard to do these days. -Al Rock, Stoops Freightliner & Quality Trailer


-Dan Farah, M&K Quality Truck Sales


Ben "likes the way the Internet helps him to market his units fast". As an example, Ben uploaded a Mack dump truck last week Thursday mid day and had a call on it at 5:00 the same day! Ben has sold several units off directly from the site and will tell you that he is impressed with the leads they receive from the site. "These are not tire kickers, they are real, qualified, and serious buyers." This is just one of many success stories that happen every day with 50000Trucks.com-Ben Ruble, Ruble Truck Sales